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The Hyperdome loves working closely with our centre store managers and retailers.

Because we have such a large variety of retailers, we have decided to launch a “5 Minutes with…” series, where we profile store managers and employees, to learn more about them and their business.

This week we sat down with Andrew from ISHKA

ISHKA stocks a diverse range of sustainable and and ethical trade handcrafted products.

A passion for international trade and deep respect for village communities is central to the ISHKA ethos and informs the spirited range of environmentally friendly and ethically-sourced furniture, clothing and homewares which can be found in their many stores throughout Australia.

Andrew, tell us about your ISHKA store. How long have you been managing the store?

My name is Andrew and I have been managing our ISHKA Tuggeranong store since we opened in October 2015. If you haven’t been into an ISHKA store before, you’ve been missing out! ISHKA is a boho lovers paradise bursting with colour, cultural inspiration and handcrafted products gathered from village communities around the world. Many of our customers refer to ISHKA as their ‘happy place’ and I certainly agree!


What are some of your top selling products?

Without a doubt, Salt lamps are one of our biggest sellers due to their beautiful organic look and ability to creating a relaxing atmosphere. We stock one of the largest ranges of incense in Australia, so hardly a day goes by without a customer coming in search of their favourite incense sticks.

Some of my own personal favourite products include our Melamine plates that come in a bright range of colours perfect for the ultimate party! I also love our beautifully handmade leather ottomans as well as our recycled furniture collection that easily makes a statement in any home.


What are some hot products for Spring at the moment?

Our new Spring/Summer clothing range for both men and women is inspired from locations all over the world and features bold, dynamic colours that are just perfect for Spring. Accessories such as our luscious flower crowns are ideal for a garden party or the races too! We’re always getting in one of a kind furniture pieces from exotic countries, many with bright handpainted artwork that fits nicely with the vibe that Springtime brings.

What does the Ishka brand pride itself on?

ISHKA is a fun and quirky brand that celebrates life, culture, spirituality and colour. We pride ourselves on our unique handmade products at great prices you’re not likely to find anywhere else. We aim to bring the world to our customers while having fun and spreading good vibes in the process!


What aspect of running Ishka do you enjoy the most?

I love how working for ISHKA gives me the opportunity to take our customers on a journey across the world. Our amazing stores touch all the senses – the sight of the amazing colours, the smell of the exotic candles and the touch of our beautiful home decor. I also feel it’s very special to offer products with meaning and an interesting story behind their making.

What does a day in your life running the Ishka Tuggeranong store look like?

Each day running the store is different, exciting and full of colour! From ordering new and unique products to learning the stories behind them, creating colourful and engaging displays to make you feel you’re in your own world, and meeting new people with different stories and interests – each day is its own adventure! I love helping our ISHKA customers discover the perfect products to take home and brighten their world.

In your opinion, what is the secret to running a successful small business?

I believe there are 3 keys to success for small businesses; be passionate and believe in your product, create a warm and welcoming environment that your customers won’t want to leave, and most importantly, provide the best service you can to those who choose your brand.

A sense of community is important to us at ISHKA, and we want our customers to feel part of our colourful, one-of-a-kind family!